Father’s Day Secret

For Father’s Day 2011, Nate, Sam and Mom­my got Dad­dy a ham­mer drill. On the day that we pur­chased it Mom told her four year old Nate that we would keep this a sur­prise until Father’s Day so he shouldn’t say any­thing to Dad­dy about it. We wrapped it that day and Mom left it on the table (wait­ing for Nate to draw on the wrap­ping paper). Towards the end of the day, we vis­it­ed our neigh­bor. Unfor­tu­nate­ly Dad­dy came home from work while we were at our neighbor’s house. He stopped by our neigh­bors to say hel­lo, then Nate and Dad­dy went to the house. Nate entered first and imme­di­ate­ly became pan­icked.
Nate: Dad, Mom left out some­thing that you can’t see! Don’t look.
Dad: It’s okay Nate, I won’t look, I’ll look out the door. You are going to have to hide it.
Nate: I don’t know where.
Dad: Hide it in your room some­where.
Nate: But Dad I can’t lift the big one.
Dad: (Peek­ing towards the table) Are they wrapped?
Nate: Yes.
Dad: Okay I can help.
Nate gets the two small­er presents and car­ries them to his room Dad car­ries the big present. When they get to his room Dad says “Nate, I think you could car­ry this one, it is not too heavy.”
Nate takes it from Dad and says “Dad I can lift it!”
Nate ‘hides’ the gifts in his clos­et. Then they go in the liv­ing room to read some sto­ries.
A few min­utes lat­er, Mom comes home. Dad­dy briefly explains what hap­pened and how they “hid” the presents. As soon as Dad­dy fin­ish­es telling the sto­ry Nate says excit­ed­ly “Mom I can lift the drill!”

Oh well, guess the secret wasn’t meant to be.

5 Years Later, a Blog Resurrection

So I think Jen­ny and I might actu­al­ly get this blog going again.  We’re five years old­er, and hope­ful­ly wis­er too.  We’re par­ents now, so that means our adven­tures are a lit­tle dif­fer­ent but we still have them and I always enjoyed shar­ing bits online for friends and fam­i­ly.  Plus the ben­e­fit of  look­ing back our­selves.  That alone is worth the effort.

I do plan on mov­ing a few posts from two­centsworth over to this one so that I can keep fam­i­ly life stuff here and the more geeky tech stuff at two­centsworth.

Here’s what our lit­tle fam­i­ly looks like as of April 4th, 2010.

Wagner Family Easter 2010

The biking continues

We told him he need­ed to take a nap if he want­ed to go to a BMX track tonight.  It worked.

Last week I took him with­out his bike so that we could scope out the com­pe­ti­tion and find out if he was old enough.  They said three year olds that can ride with­out train­ing wheels are wel­come and that their first time is free.   He met those qual­i­fi­ca­tions and now I’d say he’s hooked.

Jen­ny and her mom cap­tured a lot of video footage and this sin­gle cut of his 7th and last lap turned out the best.    I think his 3rd lap was his best rid­ing requir­ing only the slight­est push from me.  (see video for what I mean).

Nate’s first BMX prac­tice

I real­ly am hop­ing to post more entries to this blog soon.  More fam­i­ly updates and some per­son­al stuff.  Stay tuned.

Pine Canyon to Prison Camp

Nice spot for a breakI went on a cool lit­tle hike with a co-work­er this week­end. A pho­to gallery is up on Flickr.

I’ve actu­al­ly got­ten quite a bit of hik­ing in this sum­mer. Sev­er­al long –very long– day hikes and a back­pack trip or two.

This par­tic­u­lar hike was most­ly a scram­ble down Pine canyon in the San­ta Catali­na moun­tains. We start­ed off head­ing down the Pal­isades trail and then dropped into Pine canyon. Lots of cas­cades, falls, and pools of pre­cious water made the hike extra spe­cial. After a slight detour we con­nect­ed with the East Fork trail and made our way past Sycamore Reser­voir and on out to Prison Camp (offi­cial­ly named Gor­don Hirabayashi Recre­ation Site).

Anoth­er great adven­ture here in the south­west.